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The complete range of solar lighting projects with latest and new models by the manufacturers Bei...

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Company Introduction

Solar Inverter Manufacturer | Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer

Universal Power System was built in 2003 and is situated in Suzhou district in china. Universal is one of the well known frequency inverter manufacturer around the globe. Our specialty does not only include solar inverter but we also manufacture charge controller and solar panels. We specialize in all kind of inverters ranging from solar inverters, pure sine wave inverters, sine wave inverters, grid inverters etc. We are most probably famous around the world as solar inverter manufacturer and sine wave inverter manufacturer. Our products have been circulating the market all over the world satisfying the customers completely.

The products manufactured in our company are made out of best quality materials and is growing very rapidly. Our manufacturing products include more than 100 products which are further categorized into 6 different categories. We can supply these products in great numbers as well to any part of the world.

Products & Specification:
As, solar inverter manufacturer and sine wave inverter manufacturer our products also include power charge controller to charger home solar systems. These systems can be used in homes as well as large companies and industries. Our other products include solar panels, pure sine wave inverter, on grid solar inverter and off grid solar lighting system.
Experience & Quality:
Our qualified staff and workers and engineers work tirelessly to maintain the quality of the manufacturing of the goods and every step is observed very keenly. We are the top quality solar inverter manufacturer and sine wave inverter manufacturer ensuring our head of departments make sure that every step is carried out without any hindrance to make sure our customers are satisfied deeply. This also helps out in maintaining the production costs so that more and more customers can be facilitated.

It is our aim as a solar inverter manufacturer and sine wave inverter manufacturer to supply the top excellence products to our customers around the world. They have complete approval of our quality goods and value them in good words.

Furthermore, our products have been certified by CE and ROHS and we have been supplying our goods in many countries of the world.